Learned Society & University Press Services

Sarah Greaves PhD

A new offering for learned societies and university presses developed in partnership with Sarah Greaves PhD. We believe we can support the academic community at this time by providing a joint proposal for those affected by 2020, concerned about 2021 and keen to grow into 2022. If you would like further details, please contact us here.

Over the last two years learned societies and other mission-driven publishers have experienced a host of changes affecting their ability to plan for the future and serve their academic communities.

Many are now facing multiple, simultaneous, challenges as they move into 2021 and are grappling the implications for their publishing businesses. These include: 

  • Post-pandemic publishing (journals and books), conferences and other society business lines
  • New business models made possible by open access and open research
  • Plan S requirements for transformative journals and price transparency, and other regional open research or open science policy changes

Based on over 20 years experience in the publishing industry (including world leading science journals such as Nature), over 10 years in open access (including the launch of open access publications such as Scientific Reports) and over 10 years working with not for profit organisations in the research sector and other industries, we have developed a suite of services aimed at helping you navigate these changes and create a long-term, global, sustainable, open research compliant publishing strategy.

Understanding the here and now – understanding the impact of 2020

  • Building a detailed analysis of current publishing activity
  • Analysis and articulation of business models, including an assessment of viability and sustainability

Driving growth and getting ready for change – preparing for 2021 

  • Developing a publishing growth strategy including but not limited to journals and preprints
  • Working with Editorial boards to develop journals and introduce new opportunities
  • Transition of journals and subscription revenue to Open Access
  • Compliance with Plan S policies for transformative journals and agreements – including price transparency workshops, analysis and implementation 
  • Reimagining member benefits in the light of changing publishing and conference businesses 
  • Enhanced digital offerings – workflows, operations and manuscript tracking

Looking ahead – new services for 2022 and beyond 

  • Assessing and evaluating the impact of your activity
  • Move to virtual and hybrid conferences
  • Training and mentoring for the research community, society members and beyond

Our approach is data-driven, and adapts tools that have helped mission-driven organisations across industries adapt to change – but framed for academic publishers and learned societies. As ex-academics we remember to put the researcher at the centre of any proposal we prepare as we know the importance of the academic for societies and research institutions. and we pride ourselves on taking a user-centric approach.