Evidence-based decision making has never been more en vogue, but taking messy data and translating it into something meaningful takes work. We can help you navigate your data and turn it into meaningful narratives without boiling the ocean. As our name implies, we work with the wood AND the trees.

We have particular skill in working with financial information alongside quantitative and qualitative data.

Great North Wood can help your organisation with: 

  • Business model analysis
  • Market research and analysis
  • Performance assessment
  • Analytics and dashboard development

Rapidly synthesise complex information into a clear narrative and workable solutions.

Rajay Naik, Skilled Education CEO


  • Modelling and analysis to support the transition of major publisher’s business model to pay to publish.
  • Triangulation of multiple data sets to inform research institution’s strategy development.
  • Sector-wide consultation and quantitative analysis on private funding for arts. Co-authored Arts Council England’s Endowments in the Arts White Paper for the Secretary of State for Culture.
  • Researcher Services industry assessment, building bottom up assessments of market size and market share of major providers, forecast and trend analysis. Based on integration of multiple data sets and semi-structured interviews with over 40 leaders from research institutions, funders and other stakeholders.

They are able to simplify, and explain complicated concepts in a digestible way to a wide range of people. They have developed excellent working relationships with all stakeholders

Claire Rawlinson, BMJ Publisher & Co-Founder medRxiv