Development and delivery

Mission-driven organisations know how they want to change the world and what success will look like. Our focus is helping organisations make the real choices that will help achieve that success. As Russel Davies has written:

The most important role of a strategy is to tell us what we are not going to do… Strategy is saying explicitly, proactively: “We’re going to do these things and not those things for these reasons.”

Our work will help you to translate clarity of vision into coherent plans and actions. Coordination, by itself, can be a source of advantage. From the trees, the wood, but the wood shapes the trees.

Our services include:

  • Strategic analysis and development
  • Governance and leadership development
  • Activity mapping
  • Business model development and transformation
  • Organisational development and change management
  • Operationalisation and implementation of strategy

Pragmatic and commercial, but cares deeply about the impact organisations are trying to achieve internally and for the wider world.

Rajay Naik, Skilled Education CEO


Drove the business case for and co-ordinating the delivery of an £80m change programme for the UK entities of one of the world’s leading media conglomorates.

Constructed the business case and product definition for a next generation research data platform

Development of an online education strategy for world-leading Higher Education institution, as part of the Skilled Education team

Very creative and structured in the same place. Great strategic thinker

Michael Hock, CEO finleap